5 Ways To Help Those In Need This Christmas

Hey Ya’ll I don’t know about you but the Holidays pull on my heart strings in a big way.  This time of the year when things start to slow down and my focus shifts towards family and the magic of Christmas I get this feeling down deep in my tummy  reminding me that thier are so many people that need our help.  Ya’ll, it’s so heartbreaking because I know what it’s like to be on that side! (Sharing a very personal story on my Newsletter going out Xmas eve. If you haven’t signed up look to the right and sign up for my newsletter)  Giving back this holiday season doesn’t have to be a huge gesture; the smallest of things make a world of difference! Honestly even prayers and if your lucky enough to be able to give Here’s a few ways you and your family can give back this holiday season.

In case you haven’t heard I started an online photography school www.theinspiredclub.net HERE 10% of all proceeds from the club are going to a charity. This month TIC community choose Adopt a family.

I hope this information makes donating easier for you this year.  I love you guys and I hope you have magical holidays!

         #1 Donate

  • One of the easiest ways to give back is making donations. A donation doesn’t always need to be monetary; your time is worth more than any amount of cash! Local homeless and women’s shelters are always in need of extra help at during the holidays. Many organize large events open to those in need and who need a meal! Here in LA the comedy club, The Laugh Factory, opens their doors every Thanksgiving and Christmas to feed those in need! It’s such a cool thing they do!
  • Seeing the face of a child light up on Christmas morning is one of the absolute best feelings! Sadly, for many children “Santa” misses them every year. Especially those children who have spent a large chunk of the year in and out of the hospital. Parents are already burdened with enormous medical bills so the stress of having a perfect Christmas can be so so heart breaking! So, this holiday season go through the toy box with your kids and donate toys that are no longer loved and take to the local children’s hospital. I guarantee that toy will bring a big bright smile to a child in need!
  • As photographers, an AMAZING idea is to donate your time and shoot family portraits.  Many families can’t afford to have yearly family photos done so having someone donate an hour of their time will be a gift they’ll truly be grateful for!  Maybe you don’t have a full studio set up but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great shot on your smart phone!  When I’m around family I love to capture genuine moments with my phone.  Families won’t care how it’s captured; having the photo makes all the difference!
  • Here’s a short list of charities I have found and love! These organizations are great sources to find out how you can help our toops, donate food to local shelters and bringing families together. I had no idea through Make a Wish Foundation you could donate airline miles!

              Soliders Angels https://soldiersangels.org/adopt-a-soldier.html

              Wishes in Flight http://wish.org/ways-to-help/giving/airline-miles#sm.0001pafci0wlff06xft1ejaysbiaf

               Feeding America  http://www.feedingamerica.org

           #2 Adopt a Family

  • Adopting a family is an amazing way to share holiday cheer with a family in need! Many churches have programs connecting you with families who need a little help this Christmas. In the age of technology, reach out on Facebook! A friend may be in need or may know of someone too proud to ask for help. Think about how amazing the surprise of a meal or thoughtful gifts would make a person. Pretty good, right?!
  • Another idea for giving back this holiday season is to visit a nursing home. Many are fortunate to prepare a holiday meal next to grandma in the kitchen at home. Sadly, many of our elders are eventually put into an assisted living home and forgotten about. Families start showing up less or aren’t able to make the trip to pick up grandpa. Taking an hour or two of your time to sit and talk with a resident or play a game of Checkers will bring so much joy to those who feel forgotten!!

           #3 Bless Up

  • ‘Tis the season for giving! The holidays are a financial strain on most people, so heading to your local department store to pay off a family’s layaway order. Could you imagine?! It’s like being Oprah on a smaller scale!
  • When you and your family are eating out at your favorite restaurants during the holidays, add a little extra to the tip. I know this all too well from my time waiting tables in my 20’s, servers rarely get holidays off. Many times your server is also trying to provide a memorable Christmas for their little ones and your generosity might be putting a smile on a child’s face! So if you’re able to, tip 50% or even 100%. Former servers know exactly what feeling I’m talking about when you receive a tip you weren’t expecting!
  • Giving back this holiday season doesn’t have to be a ginormous gesture. It’s always important to take a moment and lend a hand in any way possible because its rough out there and we only have this life! Remember, it’s the thought that counts and means the most!




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