The Gatekeeper of our minds

Life is beautiful, life is alot of things.  In my experience I have found that being thankful and keeping your mind in a state of gratitude is one of the first steps to creating a beautiful life.

I am very passionate about 2 things and have huge desires to share what I’ve learned in both areas.  Photography and healing your own life.

The first half of my life so far was hard.  My childhood gave me several reasons to live in a victim consciences and blame other people for my misfortune.  I had a pass to just decide that I got dealt a tough hand of cards and my life could not become beautiful.  Boy am I glad that I learned that the past means nothing about me and that I am FREE to CHOOSE how my life unfolds. I have learned so many things that have helped me and continue to help me elevate my life condition and I want to share with you some tools that will hopefully help you too.  I’ll start with this one.

This week remember YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ALL DAY LONG.  Be an observer/watcher of your thoughts.  Like me you have probably heard this statement several times and for the most part agree with it and have given some effort to thinking positive but once your mind wonders and you get back into an old pattern of thinking it feels almost comfortable and you stay there.

Personally I made a big change a few years ago.  When you decide to change your thinking its a life change.  You make big changes and start to protect what goes into your consciences.  Your the gatekeeper of your mind 🙂  With that being said I watch very little TV especially if I am feeling like my mind is generating negative thoughts.  Also music, I LOVE my music but I know it is my responsibility to feed my mind with more positive reaffirming content then anything else.  For instance I have some amazing books on CD in my car and at my computer desk.  I make sure to listen to those positive teachings as much as I listen to lyrics that may be cool but not totally raising my awareness and convincing me to be the best version of myself.

I will leave you with this.  For me at this point I am still training my mind and I like to keep it simple.  With a million things about work and marriage and family playing in my head I have to be very discipline with my prayer and meditation.  When I first wake up in the morning I say a prayer of gratitude.  I think God for the beautiful day that I am having already.  I accept and expect abundance and miracles throughout this day for myself and for everyone.  (This took SO much practice to remember to do everyday but it  has happened for the past 6plus months its a habit now) Another tool is when I hear that voice saying that I am not good enough or all the other things that little mean voice can say I do not argue.  I set my phone alarm for 3 min.  I can be in the car, at my computer, anywhere, I repeat “I am the love that God is” for three minutes and I breathe long deep breaths.  This helps me to get closer to spirit and be in control of my thoughts.

I truly thank you for letting me share.  I hope something resinates with you and I will be sharing more tools that work for me.  I am crazy passionate about healing your life and manifesting your dreams into your reality. I believe we do a great service to God when we live an abundant life.

Stay Inspired!





  1. Thanks so much Jana for such a beautiful post ! Really helped me stay motivated during my assessment time at uni to stay positive and to be thankful to the Lord for everything. Your faith is so inspiring and your photography is so amazing!

    Would love to hear more about your faith journey one day 🙂

    Thanks for an amazing post! xo


  2. We are so much alike! I can’t wait to work with you! My soul twin. 🙂

    I am struggling with meditation and giving myself that devoted time. But agree, be centered, be grateful and believe.


  3. Jana,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I really connected with you on this topic and will definitely follow your tips on connecting with the spirit more on a daily basis.

    Please continue to make beautiful photos and write inspiring words for the world, because you reach so many people in need. You have inspired me in my photography journey and it can only get better from here. God bless!



  4. God is so good. Have felt so overwhelmed for the past couple of days & then you share this, Jana. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful for all God has blessed me with & I need to express it daily. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Dianne,
      It starts from there. In the morning and at night be grateful. I witnessed my life change dramatically when I switch my thoughts. Like I said it takes so much work. I mean probably the hardest thing a person can do but the most important. You are connected with God when you are expressing yourself not repressing ourselves. God wants you to have everything you want. Here is the a funny thing I am dealing with at the moment. Figuring out the what. Truly what do I want. Its such a human thing to feel undeserving but that shouldn’t be in our consciences. We deserve as long as we know that everyone else deserves to and when we use our talents and abundance to richen the world with good.

  5. Jana,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I really connected with you on this topic and will definitely follow your tips on connecting with the spirit more on a daily basis.

    Please continue to make beautiful photos and write inspiring words for the world, because you reach so many people in need. You have inspired me in my photography journey and it can only get better from here. God bless!



    1. Candice,
      Isn’t it funny how spirituality and photography go hand and hand. We need to paint beautiful images in our mind of what we want the same as we take beautiful moments and preserve them forever.

  6. Now you got me crying at work – lol – God knows I needed this today! Sometimes our dreams seem so far from our current situation… Faith helps me see the bright future! God bless you 🙂 God truly is love.

    1. Mawyah,
      I promise you if you switch your thoughts to ONLY positive ones things will change. Life is a mirror. Sometimes when things are heavy and hard in the moment all you can say to yourself is “I want to feel good or God” Just repeating that to yourself or out load will change your visual picture. I know that your current situation will improve and you have to KNOW it to!

  7. Your blog always gives me this mental peace. I watch your videos on Youtube and I am always amazed by your talent. Thank you so much for teaching and sharing your amazing talent with us so freely. I pray that God keeps blessing you with abundant happiness. Thank You Jana 🙂

  8. I just bumped in to this and have to say what a wonderful piece of work! Kudos to you! Keep up the positive attitude and the limited life of focusing on you.


  9. Hi Jana,
    Thank you for this post. I love your life posts like this one. You have inspired me so much in so many ways. I thank you for sharing all of your insight. I too feel passionate about helping people live a life of abundance and choosing their own free will. I hope to be able to do that in some way that God leads me to. I would be grateful to know which audio books you recommend to listen to in the car and on the computer maybe in a future post. Thank you again. God bless you!!!

  10. Wow, this is so valuable, thank you so much. Please share more about healing. I would love to know more.

  11. Great post! I have been trying to be more positive and grateful, it’s so hard to keep it up and make a habit of it. Thanks for the constructive tips!!!

    1. SO TRUE LISA. IT is a serious challenge but one that brings with it wonderful rewards. The secret is to remember to be thankful as soon as your wake up in the morning and always try to focus on what you have and not what you don’t and then go about pursuing your goals with a positive thankful heart. One of my favorite books is “THis thing called you” by Earnest Holmes. Find a book with some great positive affirmations that resonate with your soul and practice saying them to yourself through out your day. IT helps to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Breadth deep and enjoy the sunshine!!!

  12. I really enjoy watching your youtube videos. You are a natural at communicating and putting the learner at ease. Those of us who are aspiring photographers are often times overwhelmed with doubt and technicalities and sometimes we just need a little push. I see all things positive in you. I was wondering if you could tell me more about your God so I can be connected to Him as you are. This is my one desire above all things.

    1. Thanks for your feedback John. I hope that you keep learning and doing photography for the love of it, that is the best way to overcome the insecurities and to keep learning. LOVE is my religion. Love yourself, love life and love those around you. The more you give the more you get. PEace and LOVE


Jana Williams

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