Fitness from the Inside out!

I’m on day 24 of my “Miracle Morning 30 day challenge”
Have you read the book by The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod? I recommend it. For me, it was an awesome reminder of not just to meditate and to have a dream board and say affirmations but to do it every morning. If you are not a morning person the book gives you so many tips on how to change that. Oh, I think it’s just great for someone like my sister who has 2 kids and a job. Her mornings are so rushed and it sets the tone for the day.
Ps, I call my dream board a Reality board & Every morning I follow a 10 minute guided meditation from youtube. I actually did a youtube video about it here. I’m not focused enough yet to meditate on my own:)
Happy #FitnessFriday yall! Fit from the inside out~
Stay Inspired!


  1. I just started reading the book and I love it!!! It is so empowering!! Although I would love to hear more about what this book did for you? what impact it had on you and how it helped you?
    Thank you for your awesome tips!! Love you and your work!

  2. I love working out first thing in the morning and I’ve been doing it for just about as long as I remember. I swam growing up so it was 5:30 am swim practice weekday and Saturday mornings…gross. As yucky as that was for a teenager, it helped set a lifelong habit of early morning workouts and I’m so grateful for that.

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