Fitness Friday : A Powerful Thought for you

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Happy Fitness Friday y’all!

If you watch my Youtube channel you have seen me talk about this book I love called “This thing called you” I am reading it right now and was so inspired by this affirmation in the book on page 49 I had to share it with you.  Here it is

                                                          “It is the law of my life wherever I go I shall meet

                                                 with joy, with love, friendship, gratitude, compensation-with

                                                a complete opportunity for the expression of every talent

                                                and  ability I possess. Every door is open. Nothing can go

                                          forth from me but goodness, truth, love, kindness; therefore ,

                                                         nothing less than goodness comes back to me.”

                                                                                 – Ernest Holmes

Stay inspired!


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