Fitness Friday a little secret to make your waist look smaller


Happy fitness Friday!! Recently I have been admiring the shape of a woman. Right, so it doesn’t matter if your tall or short or thick or thin its all about shape in the end. My body type is athletic and my waist is small from the side but it doesn’t really curve in from the front. So I have been working on my shoulders a more. The bigger your shoulders are the smaller your waist looks! Plus I have not been doing crunching that build my side abdominal just the center ones. I would prefer my waist go in rather than out. It’s really important I think when we are taking classes to modify when we need to. I feel like I am gonna get called out and totally embarrassed in class when I am supposed to be doing bicycles and instead I and doing regular crunches but in the end its my class I am there to achieve the goals I want. So I encourage you to look at your own body and get detailed with how you want it to look. Even though we are not our bodies. We are our  heart and souls. We work out to be happier people who feel good about ourselves and to live at our fullest potential.

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