Fitness Friday! 3 tips for staying fit when your traveling

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Happy Fitness Friday y’all!

I’m in Paris and I have to tell you I made a plan to stay on track while I was here and it is working! Here are 3 tips to stay on your fitness game while your traveling.

#1 Walk Everywhere!

On top of my morning jogs. only 3 miles in the am on this trip ) I have walked around 5-6 miles each day. So that has been an awesome way to see the city and burn some more calories.

#2 Take the Stairs!

I am staying on the 4th floor of my hotel and I have not gotten in the elevator once! Instead of taking the time to do my leg exercises my rear is getting a great workout by going up those stairs several times a day!

#3 Save your “cheat day” for the last day.  If you start your trip off with indulging chances are you will over do it the whole time.  Last night I was on a boat under the Eiffel tower and the most fancy Parisian deserts where being tray passed and I was able to say no thank you because I felt full enough with that lovely view and experience. I didn’t need a desert to make it better. Also I haven’t researched any restaurants since I’ve been here. Only art galleries and monuments. I was this trip to be about experiences not just eating.

Treat yourself good today and start your weekend off healthy!

Stay Inspired!


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