What being an Entrepreneur really means..

I was recently on a plane and read the most moving definition of an Entrepreneur and new right away I had to share. This quote comes from Amy C. Cosper I read it in Entrepreneur Magazine and I totally cried on the plane flying back to my home town on Hayden Alabama.  No matter where we come from or what our story is if we listen to our heart and be brave the sky is the limit.  Here is the quote from Amy –

“We’re all artists. That doesn’t mean we’re all Picassos with paintbrushes, mind you. But we all have the capacity to create something unique: music, paintings, buildings, sculpture, books, logos, iPhones, businesses.

I know this creative spark is a cornerstone to entrepreneurship (along with drive, talent and balls of steel). But not everyone agrees. Every once in a while, I find myself arguing with someone from some corporation or educational institution about what entrepreneurship is and what it means to our culture. This is their recurring response: Entrepreneurship means you are the sole proprietor of a business, or you are a business owner assuming risk — nothing more.

No, actually, sir or madam, that’s wrong. Entrepreneurship means creating something never imagined before, born from a passion that wouldn’t be stopped. It’s in our DNA to figure out how to solve problems. And thank God for that because it’s how we’re going to survive as a species.

Entrepreneurship requires people who recognize blank canvases as opportunity. What sets them apart is the innate curiosity and boldness to throw paint on that white space and see what happens. Even if it sucks, having the guts to do it is what matters.

Of course it’s hard. Failure is expected. But man, it is a hell of lot more fun than simply owning and running a business. And when it works, the rewards are magnificent. ”

When I read this my thought is that every one of us who knows that we are the editors of our lives is in some from an “Artist otherwise known as an entrepreneur ” My sister may not own her own business but she surely owns her own life and she does her best everyday to make it beautiful. She is creating something never imagined. She is a problem solver. So many of us on a daily basis recognize a blank canvas as an opportunity.

Life is as amazing as we LET it be.

Stay Inspired

Love Jana


  1. So true I love it Jana. We do take advantage of a blank canvas.We do need to do what our body urges us to do. Creatives are amazing. You’re amazing.

  2. Yes, I agree. We are all creators and we live with passion. Those who are brave enough to take the jump will fall and rise. Being an artist and a problem solver is beautiful. After all being human and caring is what connects us all. Thanks for your posts!

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