Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

What Should You Wear to Your Engagement Session?

Trying to figure out what you should wear to your engagement shoot could always be tricky!

But I’m gonna share with y’all my favorite tips to tell my clients when they ask me what they should wear.

Here are a couple of my uggestions on what you should wear when meeting up with your photographer.

Juxtapose to The Location

Meaning that if you’re shooting outdoors in an open field or high up in the mountains, consider wearing something formal and elegant.

The contrast between what you’re wearing and the location will make for a beautiful photo just from the wardrobe choice alone!

Timeless & Classic

You want to remember that you will be looking back on these memories forever.

So yes, the trendy outfits might be fun and spunky today but a classic look never goes out of style!

(You’ll thank me later)

Hug Your Waist

Although, some maxi dresses may just be STUNNING it could cause your figure to look a little bigger than usual.

So we suggest something that holds tight and cinched at your waist to complement your body from every angle!

Something That Flows

Now, let’s say we’re having a shoot at the beach.

Hearing that you might just show up in some shorts and a tank and although, that would make sense… that’s not what we’re looking for.

We want something will flow in the wind, something that you can pick up and play with.

This tip alone will elevate your photos from just a sandy day at the beach to the ultimate loving moment with your significant other.

There we are y’all! I’m sure you’ll all look amazing in whichever you choose and I hope these tips have helped you out!

If you’re looking for some more engagement and wedding inspo make sure to check out my Instagram!

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