Christmas Eve 1989 in a Small Alabama Town

It was Christmas Eve 1989 in a small Alabama town. It was so cold outside we could see our breath in the air. My big brother, Jerry, little sister Joyce, and I were playing outside in the yard for as long as possible because there was tension between my parents in the house. Little did I know this would be my favorite Christmas ever!

You see, my parents were upset because they could not afford to buy Christmas presents that year. My mom (someone really should write a book about here!) called us inside and she sat us down and explained there was no Santa Clause, there was no money, and there would be no presents. Ummmm OUCH! The three of us were sad. My sister and I were really confused about the no Santa Claus thing, WHAT?!

Then the most magical thing happened. It was as if a light bulb went off in my mom’s head! She got up from the couch and went to the kitchen and came back with an entire bottle of dish soap. Mom started squeezing the soap all over the floor of the house. Down the hallway, in the kitchen, bathroom… ya’ll I mean everywhere. Then she filled buckets full of water and poured it all over the floor. As it became more and more slippery the four of us were slipping and sliding throughout the house. Jerry started using the hallway like a Slip N Slide and we all joined in. Even my mom!

My view looking like a kaleidoscope of my family’s smiling faces. We did not need Santa Claus or presents that Christmas Eve, we had each other and my mom’s creativity. There were plenty of Christmas’ that we did have presents under the tree but nothing compares to that memory of Christmas Eve 1989. That memory will be with me forever.

No matter what your circumstances are this holiday season, I hope you remember it really is about the little moments. May your Christmas season be magical and full of love!



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