Canon Mark IV Review

The Canon 5d Mark IV has made some new improvements from the Canon 5d Mark III. I took some photos with the 5d Mark IV, and noticed a few new features!



The focus on the 5d Mark IV has extremely improved, shooting with their new focusing system has allowed me grab the details of the wedding dress and facial features.


I also noticed that the portraits were sharper too. The 5d Mark IV has a touchscreen unlike the Mark III, it took a bit to adjust to a touchscreen, but it’s 60% higher resolution screen definitely helped view my photos easier.

Other features of the 5d Mark IV include, GPS, WIFI, and it has a new image format called Dual Pixel Raw, which allows you to make further adjustments in areas that may not have been as focused during the capture.

If you like to shoot tethered, I think the 5d Mark IV is great because it now has USB 3.0 which should make the image transfer much faster too! If you like to shoot video, the 5d Mark IV has the feature to shoot 4K video.

Generally, I enjoyed the shooting with the Canon 5d Mark IV with its 30% better image quality than the 5d Mark III, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

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