BTS from my lifestyle shoot with Devon Rachel

Hey yall! Come along on my lifestyle shoot with Blogger Devon Rachel. In this video you can see everything that goes into building content and a few tips on how I direct my clients, help keep the day flowing, and make them feel comfortable.

Let me know how you like this video.  Do you like the BTS ? I would LOVE to hear exactly what you guys wanna see!

As always Stay Inspired!



  1. Great audio quality. And I love you talking about capturing the person’s story with their life and their personality.

    The only thing that worries me is that sometimes I feel like the photographer actually means, “Be bubbly,” when they say, “Show your personality.” Like what if I’m not bubbly lmao. I’m more cool and mysterious. A little distant but warm when I smile.

    So I feel a little pressured as a subject sometimes.

  2. I’d love to hear sone tips and tricks about shooting on the beach .since its so bright there most of the day what would you do so you dont loose information by over exposing. thanks, you always inspiring!

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