One of my favorite things to photograph is Boudior.  Boudior may seem like a new thing but ladies have been taking “Bedroom photos” for themselves or there loves since photography was invented.  My approach to Boudior is the same as everything else I shoot.  I like timeless, classic, beautiful, soft & sexy.  My priorities while shooting are Light, feeling, and music.. Yes I encourage my clients to bring music that makes them feel beautiful and champagne if they wish 🙂

I am going to shoot a youtube video on Tips for shooting Boudior in honor on Valentines Day!

Stay Inspired!

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  1. Hi, Jana! Do you prefer to shoot Boudoir sessions at the clients’ houses where they feel more comfortable, or at a studio where you can have more control of the environment and gear? Thanks! And keep inspiring us!

    1. I think you are gonna LOVE this answer… Anywhere we have good light! I have shot it at the clients house, outside, at my house, and in a hotel. The reason I LOVE this is b/c you don’t have to rent a studio or a hotel. If you are trying to keep your overhead low then shoot from your own home!

  2. interested in flattering poses of course, and also editing. I wish you did mentoring, I would sign up for online 1:1 even though I am across the country! 🙂

  3. Any chance you know where your client found her lingerie? It’s beautiful, as are the photos!

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