5 Tips on Maternity Photoshoots

How sweet are maternity shoots y’all?!

I love capturing Moms-to-be and their growing bellies.

Shooting these moments could be nerve wracking so I came up with 5 tips to help you capture all the beautiful moments.

5 Maternity Photoshoot Tips


Make sure your mom-to-be has discussed with you what kind of shots she would like, and where she wants them done. Once you have decided if the shoot will be indoor, outdoor or even both you can start planning your shots.


This is so important. A major tip would be to make sure your client wears something skin tight or completely showing her bare baby bump.

3.Lifestyle vs. Portrait Maternity Shoot.

Make sure you have an understanding of what your client is looking for from her shoot. Does she just want side profiles? Or everyday shots with her belly?

4.Hands on the bump.

This is so natural for her, and the dad-to-be! Capturing the soft touch from her hands to her tummy is such a sweet moment, so get close ups!

5.Get couples close.

‘Squeeze all the air out’ between them. Try to get full body, half body and close-ups of both of them together and if the belly gets in the way just go with it, usually it will make them giggle (and y’all know I die for those shots).

I hope y’all enjoyed these photo tips! Are there any specific shoots you would like some help with? Let me know in the comments!
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