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Hey Jana,

Love all your work and long time follower. I thought i would contact you as I am doing my first engagement session this coming weekend and wanted to know if there were some specific shots that i should capture.



Hi V!

Congratulations on your first engagement shoot! I’m so excited for you. Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you asked me that question. Here’s a video I made that would probably help you out.

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Hi, Jana. I found you on Pinterest this week when researching tips on photographing headshots. I am a photographer in San Diego and had never done them before. Can you recommend a good headshot printing service I can direct my client to? Thank you. Love you work!!! Keep up the great work.


Hi C!
Thank you so much! Here’s a link to my favorite printing service:

Argentum Photo Lab


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Hi! Jana I am “inspired” by your work… may I ask, do you use preset actions to edits your pictures to come out creamy and light?


Hi J!

Thank you so much for the kind words! To answer your question, I do not use presets. Instead, I avoid blacks and use the dodge tool to lighten the background. Also, I love to back-light my subject. I love to put them where there’s a lot of depth of field and where the background is actually creamy.

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I know you probably get a billion messages a day but I’ve watched some your YouTube videos and you seem very open to questions. I’m a year into my photography businesswww.facebook.com/crystalbarbeephotography and you are so inspiring. I’ve managed to shoot this whole year with just prime lenses. (50, 35 & 85) I feel that it’s time to purchase a zoom lens and warned your opinion on the number one you would recommend, preferably affordable! (Ha-ha) I found you through the tone it up girls and love watching your videos and seeing your work. You are making a difference in the way us newbies conduct our business so thank you!


Hi B!

Thank you so much! I’m glad I was able to shoot Katrina’s wedding and so you found me. Yes, I’m very open to questions and to answer yours, I would recommend the 70-200mm f2.8 lens. It’s a bit pricey but will definitely help you out big time! It will allow you to get those photojournalistic shots because most people don’t like to have their photographs taken and so with this lens, you can take those pictures from a distance without them knowing and be able to get the most natural emotions.


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You’re probably too busy to answer this, but I’m gonna give it a shot ; ) I have a family (the mom) wanting to wear white shirts and jeans for their family photo. I think the look is dated & we know how whites can be tricky anyway… How would you go about steering someone away from that look?

Love your photos & really appreciate your videos/tips!!
Thanks! Lisa Ostrowski


Hi L!

Thank you for sending me a message and for the kind words. I would show them images from Gap, Jcrew or any other family oriented brands and just explain to them how important it is to add colors, textures and layers to your photos and clothing will really help you do that.




  1. Thank you Jana for the advice! I think I’m going to rent the 70-200 for the couple weddings I have until I can splurge. 🙂
    So excited to try it out. I’m also thinking of an ultra wide angle to purchase being that I feel I will use that more often with my photography… Do you have a favorite?

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