4 Quick Tips for Family Photos

Hey y’all! With the holidays coming up I thought I would share with you 4 Quick Tips for Family Photos.

Family sessions can be nerve-wracking for anyone involved – especially in the busy Holiday season. Truthfully, I love family photoshoots! They can be A LOT of fun especially photographing the children.

To help you get prepared for family photo sessions, I’ve put together these 4 tips for family photoshoot success!

1. Communicate With Clients about Clothing

This is probably my favorite part! I love helping my clients pick out their clothes for our shoots. Often the outfit choice can make or break the photoshoot.  Some things you might want to speak up about include lighting, locations, and choosing flattering colors that don’t contribute to color cast issues on the skin.

  • Bright pinks and neon colors often cast color onto the skin and can ruin a photo.
  • Large logos will keep the images from being timeless.
  • It is also a good idea to know if your shots will be standing or sitting, so you can advise the ladies about the skirt or dress length

2. Give Direction and Capture all the Family Moments

I always begin my family sessions by giving the family a series of instructions, and I am sure to tell them they do NOT have to look at me! Make sure to give the family a shortlist of directions, they tend to relax a bit more.

  • I say things like “walk over to that tree, turn around, pick up the kids, swing them around twice, and then walk back towards me” – ANYTHING to get them a little wild and have some fun, so I can capture their true family moments.
  • A good thing to remember is to not constantly tell the children to “smile” or “say cheese”. This tends to get them a little stressed and makes for unnatural photos.

3. Be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready.

Moms are often rushing around before a photoshoot, making sure that their family is dressed and ready. I always encourage mothers to have their hair and makeup professionally done. This will prepare mom for her pictures and when mom is feeling pretty and confident, this will reflect on the rest of the family as well.

When a family shows up to a family photo session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session. Give yourself extra time so that you are ready before it’s time to head out that door.

4. Have Fun

The most important thing I strive to get out of my images is authentic and timeless moments. To capture this you might need to get silly with your families!

Here are some quick ideas:

  • Turn on some fun music and have your families dance together!
  • Have siblings tickle each other, tell secrets, and hug!
  • Play ring-around-the-rosy, let the kiddos take pictures of each other, and of mom and dad

Interact in ways that they almost forget that they are in the middle of a photo session.  I am positive you will get some authentic emotion!

Those silly shots usually end up being both mine, and the parents’ favorite!


I hope these 4 quick tips helped y’all! If you have any more tips to share please tell them in the comments!


Until next time, stay inspired.


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