3 Ways Exercise Makes us Happier!

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3 ways excercise makes you happy tips on fitness by Jana Williams

Exercise is not only good for burning calories and keeping our body healthy its good for our minds as well! Personally I have a completely different day if I don’t get my workout in. Not to mention if I already know I am gonna be on the treadmill at 7 am the next day I’m probably not gonna have that 2nd glass of wine.  Besides those little things here are a few more ways excercise actually makes us more happy the natural way!

1.     Ever heard the phrase “runners’ high?” Exercise gives you a natural high making you feel exhilarated and happy by increasing the chemicals in your body responsible for lifting your mood, helping you sleep better and maintaining a healthy appetite.

2.     Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?! Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body making you feel more relaxed and happy.

3.     Nothing gives a boost to your self-confidence like the sense of accomplishment you feel after finishing a crazy sweat session! The more self-confidence you have, the happier you’ll feel, so set a goal for yourself and start working out!

I hope you start your weekend off with a wonderful workout, surround yourself around amazing people this weekend, and do something you love!

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