3 tips on how to restart your fitness routine

Hey guys! Happy Fitness Friday! Today I am gonna tell you a little bit about what I have been going through and feeling the last say 10 days and how I am going to get back on track starting right this minute. So this week I have had shoots everyday & been preparing for my wedding workshop and a bridal shower the day after the workshop wheww.

I have had the busiest 2 weeks while not feeling at my best SO I have made some poor choices food wise. For the first time in forever bought some wine to help chill me out. I told myself just today I will drink this wine then I will start over tomorrow. ( My old way of thinking) This lead to probably 3 days out of this 5 day work week I have eaten late, I have gone with foods that are not super high in nutrition but just quick, I have been skipping my healthy shots and snacking on chocolate covered blueberries. Well, I woke up today and realized something huge. I am not only an emotional eater I am an emotional wine drinker. I am not saying that I got drunk over anything like that I am just acknowledging the fact that I thought I NEEDED a glass of wine to chill out. I don’t like that because I am a strong, spiritual, deep woman in control of her life that doesn’t NEED anything to calm down. I just need to breathe and treat myself like a lady and remember everything I do comes from the heart and that will make me calm. So yet again it starts here, its starts today. No more reaching for a quick fix when I get stressed. My fix comes from the inside out and so does yours!

#1 Stop beating myself up. The negative thinking and guilt over eating the chocolate or having that glass of wine or making that trip to whole foods are acting worse for me than the foods themselves. I have to accept that I have been tried lately and not been at my fullest potential but just as I would treat a good friend or s sister tell myself to let it go and get back on track. So In this moment, I forgive myself and am going to be easy on myself as I get over this cold and nourish my body with healing foods.

#2 Write down what I eat. I work really well with list. Having a food journal has always worked really well for me.

#3 Cook at home for at least a week. I find that If I stay clear of restaurants for a while I am much healthier and discipline with my meals. I pack my meals for wedding, shots, and I pack healthy snacks when I know I will be out for a while. If you eat at restaurants often you should try this for like 7 days I think you would see a huge difference in your taste buds and your overall feeling.

Thank you guys for letting me be so real and honest. We are all in the same boat. We are all so busy and sometimes we get weak and think that the piece of chocolate cake is going to make us feel so much better but the truth is it never does.

Remember we don’t workout to look good on the outside that is just a bonus we workout to feel good on the inside.

Stay Inspired y’all!



  1. I needed this! I fall into the needing a drink moments and even one glass of wine slows me down the next day. It is so important we don’t beat ourselves up too much when we have minor setbacks and we remember to make time for ourselves. I can only get to yoga once a week but I make it a priority for my mental wellbeing as well as my body. Love your fitness posts! xx

  2. I just went back and read this post because I needed the inspiration–thanks for being so real and reminding me that off days (or weeks) are human! I definitely needed to read it again. Love you and your posts! xx

  3. These are some very helpful tips, thanks for sharing! I will share this inspirational post with my family and friends for sure. any of my friends really need some fitness motivation. Thanks to you.

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