Photo tip Tuesday: Natural light photo tips

Hey y’all! In this video I do a quick outdoor shoot with my husband 🙂 I share my setting and locations. PS Dave just booked a huge movie with Selma Blair, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, and more awesome actors! I’m really proud of him! This is a huge deal! The movie is called “Mother’s Day” they are filming now I will keep you posted when it comes out! His instagram  is Dave Baez if  want to follow him 🙂
Also the photos in this video show up a really strange color we tried to fox it but its off. I will be posting the photos on my blog ASAP.
PLUS check out this video of me shooting blogger Devon Rachel a while ago with more natural light tips. here
Stay Inspired y’all!


  1. Hi Jana,

    Thanks for all the detailed info. Its just what people really want to know when they love someones style. Question what type of metering do you use. and did you change it from he indoor portion to the outdoor portion. and do you change it when your subject is moving, vs. still.. This is one thing I am still trying to understand.
    Thanks a bunch..
    Ps. you two are too cute.

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