Elegant White Wedding at Pelican Hill


This is a wedding I hold near and dear to my heart.

I met Alexis and Brandon when I shot Brittany & Shaney's Wedding last year. Alexis and Brittany are best friends and they are big hearted, stylists, and some of the most soulful grounded humans. Alexis & Brandon's wedding was nothing shy of elegant, especially with their beautiful white-on-white theme. All the gorgeous details laid out for the big (...)

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Julie Solomon Home Tour

Julie Solomon Home by Decorist

I couldn't help but notice how relaxing Julie's Home was as I captured these photos. Julie Solomon, Co-owner of OMG! Publicity and a New York best-selling publicist welcomes in such a cozy relaxed boho vibe with her home. Thanks to designer Ashley Redmond from Decorist, her home was designed with absolute comfort in mind.

Here are 4 Tips to Give Your Home a Cozy Touch:

1. Have as (...)

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How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie
As a wedding photographer, I've run into this question more than once "How do you tie a bow tie?". Whether you're getting ready for an engagement shoot, wedding or just dressing to impress - I hope this video helps you out step by step!


How to Tie a Bow Tie | Step by Step

1. Place the bow tie around your neck
- make sure that one side is (...)
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My review on Birchbox the monthly Beauty Subscribtion

Birchbox Review

I am writting this reveiw 3 months into my subscribtions to Birchbox. Honestly I wasn't totally excited about it at first becasoue I assumed I would be getting random products each month But that is not the case at ALL!

Birchbox is a monthly skincare, makeup, and hair product subscribtion. $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year. When you subscribe you fill out a questionare with details abotu your (...)

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Fitness Friday A secret Ingredients is in this Green juice!

Kim kardashian's trainer book 5 pounds reveiw

Happy fitness Friday! I have been reading the book 5 pounds. It basically gives us 5 tools to do everyday to loose 5 pounds. Great for those last 5 or the first 5 and if you need to loose more the book says to continue. I just picked it up and the book is over 300 pages so I have not finished it yet. Once I do I will do (...)

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