What to Eat Before and After You Workout

There are a lot of myths and misinformation floating around about what and how you should eat before and after workouts, but in our opinion, science wins. According to this scientific study, a pre-workout meal that includes carbs will help to fuel your body for maximum effect, and a post-workout meal will serve to replenish depleted glycogen stores, shortening recovery time. Planning your diet in this way is called (...)

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3 Things to Capture When Shooting BTS

BTS: Behind the Scenes.  Have you ever fallen in love with a photo so much and you wonder how in the world it was captured?!  The popularity of BTS videos/ photos has caught on to almost every production.  For some companies it’s their way to have a new marketing tool or for photographers it’s simply a way to show their fans and/or potential clients how much work went into a (...)

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How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar cravings are a vicious cycle. The more you eat, the more you want. It never ends! Don't believe us? Just do a quick hunger check a couple hours after a breakfast of donuts and coffee. Chances are you're left unsatisfied and craving more carbs.

Satisfying that sweet tooth can give you a quick rush and a feeling of fullness, but it quickly wears off leaving you in a slump, (...)

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Carolee + Ryan | Palm Beach, FL

This winter wedding in Palm Beach, FL was a whimsical and chic event full of inspiration. Carolee and Ryan currently live and work in New York City but Palm Beach has always  been one of their favorite places to visit.  Naturally, these two wanted to take this chance to share this with their family and closet friends for a weekend getaway!

Carolee wore her Liancarto dress so elegantly and Ryan’s (...)

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Which Lens Should I Buy First?

When it comes to building your camera kit there are many options and you may not know where to start.  A good go-to focal length to have in your bag is the 50mm.  It’s a great length that isn’t too wide or tight and is equivalent to how the human eye sees. Depending on your budget Canon has a few different options for you!

The perk of a prime lens (...)

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5 Tips to Restart Your Fitness Routine

Goodness gracious, life can be so demanding!  Between our jobs, maintaining a home, trying to spend quality time with our spouse and loved ones it can be so easy to not do what we need to do for us and we fall off from our workout routine. Believe me, it happens to me all of the time and lord knows once I've fallen off it can seem so hard to (...)

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4 Tips to Capture Emotion in Your Photos

When shooting “normal” people, it can be hard to capture their real emotion.  If they’re not full time models it can be very nerve wrecking!  Here are some tips on how to help your subject feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera!

Tip 1:  Location Location Location!

Choose a location that is a little more secluded with less foot traffic.  This way it will allow your subject (...)

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Summer Glow Smoothie

With summer right around the corner all I’ve been day dreaming about is lying by the pool, having a laugh with some of my favorite girl friends, wearing big floppy hats, and sipping on delicious frosty fruity smoothies.  Well I’m not sure when I’ll be able to kick it by the pool but as far as my besties and the smoothies go, we can have that part of the fantasy (...)

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