Miracle Mornings-to increase Productivity and Positivity

Miracle Mornings -to increase productivity and positivity every day!

Miracle Mornings help me be more productive and start the day off in a positive grounded place. In the past, I would push snooze a few times and then rush out the door to make it to my workout class or work.

After completing the 30 day's challenge I decided to make Miracle Mornings apart of my lifestyle.

I follow this routine Monday-Friday and sleep in on Sat & Sun.

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How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone!

I love taking photos with my iPhone and today I am sharing some tips on how I edit my iPhone pics.

It's funny I get so touched when I am hiking Runyon Canyon or driving Mulholland Drive and see so many people taking selfies to asking other to take their picture.

It's like they are so moved by what they are seeing they never want to forget it. They are (...)

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