Best Time to Shoot Outdoors

As a photographer have you been asked what is the best time to shoot outdoors.  I know that is one question I have been asked on multiple occasions! Many times you will be told “magic hour” is the best time to shoot outside. Magic hour is one of my favorite times to shoot but who am I to tell you it’s the “best?!” Honestly, the only right answer will depend (...)

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How To use Instagram Hashtags

Hey ya’ll, welcome back to JWPB! Chances are you probably are an Instagram user like millions of others. You may be using the platform to grow your photography business, an account for you adorable puppy or simply growing the presence of your personal account. Did you know one of the easiest ways to increase interaction is to use hashtags?! I’m here today to give you a few tips how to (...)

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5 Photography Ideas

Hey ya’ll, thanks for stopping by the blog today! Are you currently in a creative slump because life has gotten in the way and schedules aren’t working out? I feel you, it happens from time to time! You will always here me preaching, “shoot everyday!” In order to shoot everyday you don’t need to rely on having a model or a makeup team. There are simple ways for you to (...)

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July 4th Decor and Photo Tips from Me & ToneIt Up

Summertime is in full force and July 4th  is finally upon us!  For many of us, that means backyard bbq’s, beach days, baseball games or even an epic road trip up the coast.  However you are spending your Independence Day, remember it’s about creating memories with your loved ones! Katrina and Karena from ToneIt Up and I partnered to create a festive holiday guide for your holiday backyard (or beach) (...)

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3 Tips for Shooting Headshots

When I first started out as a photographer I was shooting a lot of headshots. I was doing some trade work with model agencies in Los Angeles with “Fresh Faces” and was able to practice my techniques on my husband. Over the years I’ve found my rhythm when it comes to taking a successful headshot. If this is something you’re struggling with, here are my top 3 tips!

Tip 1: (...)

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3 Tips to Photographing Siblings

Are you getting pressure from your mom or mother in law to cough up new photos of their grandkids? After all, it's time for them to update their family photo wall! The idea of getting your little ones to sit and smile nicely for the camera probably seems impossible because they spend most of the day calling each other "doody head." Here's 3 tips on how to get those loving (...)

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3 Things to Capture When Shooting BTS

BTS: Behind the Scenes.  Have you ever fallen in love with a photo so much and you wonder how in the world it was captured?!  The popularity of BTS videos/ photos has caught on to almost every production.  For some companies it’s their way to have a new marketing tool or for photographers it’s simply a way to show their fans and/or potential clients how much work went into a (...)

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Which Lens Should I Buy First?

When it comes to building your camera kit there are many options and you may not know where to start.  A good go-to focal length to have in your bag is the 50mm.  It’s a great length that isn’t too wide or tight and is equivalent to how the human eye sees. Depending on your budget Canon has a few different options for you!

The perk of a prime lens (...)

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4 Tips to Capture Emotion in Your Photos

When shooting “normal” people, it can be hard to capture their real emotion.  If they’re not full time models it can be very nerve wrecking!  Here are some tips on how to help your subject feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera!

Tip 1:  Location Location Location!

Choose a location that is a little more secluded with less foot traffic.  This way it will allow your subject (...)

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