New Video: How to Edit Outdoor Portraits

Hey ya'll!

I just wanted to let you know that a new "How To" video has been uploaded to my channel!

I share my screen on Photoshop and go step by step editing and changing a RAW image to the finished product.

Some things I go over in this video:

-Curves: How I adjust my highlights in images

-Brightness/contrast: Showing the difference between my layers

-Adding fun layer: Adding light (...)

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Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Alright ya'll, we know how annoying algorithm is but I'm gonna show you some tricks on how to beat this thang!

I wanna see your images on the top of your followers feeds, and heck I wanna double tap ’em!

So, with that being said I did a little research and this is what I found to be true….

The Instagram Algorithm Rewards Posts With High Engagement

Meaning we should (...)

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Use Pinterest to Enhance Your Biz

Hey Ya'll!

I wanted to share my own personal guide of tips and tricks to Pinterest to help you enhance you biz!




Pinterest is a web and mobile application that is designed to discover information on the Web, mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos. People typically use Pinterest to organize images of inspiration (...)

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Are You Using Beauty Actions?

Ok, so by now you’ve (hopefully) added Lightroom presets to your workflow to speed up the editing process! Presets are specifically great for making exposure adjustments to quickly batch process large amounts of files. Once your images have been delivered most likely you are not done there! Your client may want you to do a little “extra work” on their favorites but Photoshop makes you nervous. You guessed it… I’m (...)

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Join The Inspired Club

Hey Girl!

You and I have something in common, the constant want and need for inspiration! Join me at The Inspired Club, an all girls’ online photography school where we promote a community full of boss babes aspiring to take the needed steps to start and succeed in their creative endeavors!

Sit down, grab your coffee and get ready to become inspired!

I want to share with ya’ll the lessons (...)

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“How I Got That Shot” Rangefinder Magazine

As many of you may know last fall is when I began to form a relationship with Profoto. Myself along with 100 other photographers were invited to their Sweden headquarters for the launch of their A1 light. Little did I know it would lead to Rangefinder Magazine reaching out and wanted to feature me for their “How I Got the Shot” article! Ya’ll, this was such an honor and (...)

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Why You Should be Using Lightroom Presets!

Ya’ll, I just have to share with you one thing I added to my workflow and it changed everything! Going from shoot to shoot during the busy season doesn’t always allow for a ton of time dedicated to editing all those images. This is why I have fallen in love with using Lightroom presets! By adding this into my workflow it has helped my turn around time so much. If (...)

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Tips for Shooting Sunsets

Are you an aspiring landscape photographer and want to capture the perfect sunset? Or maybe you booked a tropical vacation with your family and bought your first dSLR in hopes to come back with an epic sunset shot to share with your friends? I would love to say it’s as easy as setting your camera to Auto and pointing at the sky but that would be a lie! To give (...)

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3 Tips For Capturing Motion

As beginner photographers we were taught the misconception that in order for images to be great they need to be tack sharp. Ya’ll, that just isn’t true! As artists we may have a vision and showing some form of motion is exactly what you need! May it be freezing the motion of your little one in their soccer game or capturing the headlights of moving cars. If you’ve ever wondered (...)

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3 Tips for Shooting Portraits Through Windows

More of my couples are choosing to shoot their engagement photos at home and I absolutely love it! Not only does this give the couple a chance to share a look into their home life it gets my creative wheels turning! One of my favorite things to do is shoot portraits through a window. When a viewer sees the photos for the first time it really makes you feel like (...)

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