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I am so happy to see you on the blog today because I have a treat for you! I have created a Free downloadable Photo Tip Guide.
Simply click on this link and give me the email address you want your Photo Guide Delivered to.
When creating these tips I had my sister in mind. Joyce has two beautiful children and she loves to cook and do arts and crafts.

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Canon Mark IV Review

White Wedding

The Canon 5d Mark IV has made some new improvements from the Canon 5d Mark III. I took some photos with the 5d Mark IV, and noticed a few new features!

The focus on the 5d Mark IV has extremely improved, shooting with their new focusing system has allowed me grab the details of the wedding dress and facial features. I also noticed that the portraits were sharper too. The (...)

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Julie Solomon Home Tour

Julie Solomon Home by Decorist

I couldn't help but notice how relaxing Julie's Home was as I  captured these photos.  Julie Solomon, Co-owner of OMG! Publicity and a New York best-selling publicist welcomes in such a cozy relaxed boho vibe with her home. Thanks to designer Ashley Redmond from Decorist, her home was designed with absolute comfort in mind.

Here are 4 Tips to Give Your Home a Cozy Touch:

1. Have as (...)

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How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie
As a wedding photographer, I've run into this question more than once "How do you tie a bow tie?". Whether you're getting ready for an engagement shoot, wedding or just dressing to impress - I hope this video helps you out step by step!


How to Tie a Bow Tie | Step by Step

1. Place the bow tie around your neck
- make sure that one side is (...)
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