Glamorous Ballroom Wedding at Hotel Bel Air

Glamorous, Ballroom, Wedding, Hotel, Bel-Air, Los Angeles

This glamorous ballroom wedding will absolutely take your breath away! The Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills, CA hosted Brittney and Shaney's special day with  such fashion forward details. I love when you can see a couple's love shine through their photos, you can see Shaney's sweet look as he watches his soon to be bride Brittney walking down the aisle. Brittney came down her wedding aisle in a gorgeous black (...)

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Chriselle Lim’s Greystone Mansion Wedding in Beverly Hills

Photographing Chriselle Lim's wedding at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills  was such a special day for me to capture. Perfectly planned by the amazing Jeannie Savage from Details Details. I'm excited to share and relive the summertime romance through Chriselle & Allen's wedding photos! (more…)
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Elegant White Wedding at Pelican Hill

whit gold black wedding pelican hill


This is a wedding I hold near and dear to my heart. I met Alexis and Brandon when I shot Brittany & Shaney's Wedding last year. Alexis and Brittany are best friends and they are big hearted, stylists, and some of the most soulful grounded humans. Alexis & Brandon's wedding was nothing shy of elegant, especially with their beautiful white-on-white theme.  All the gorgeous details laid out for the (...)

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Los Angeles Fashion Shoot for The Perfext

Los angeles fashion photographer , The Perfext, rosie huntington, gigi hadid, kylie genner, jamie chung,

I have been working with The Perfext since the very beginning.
I remember for the first lookbook shoot we used a friend as the model and shoot against a white wall. It was definitely grassroots.
The Perfext has used me for every single shoot since and it feels like family. I have watched the line go from the very beginning to now. A now celebrities like Rosie Huntingington, GiGi Hadid, (...)

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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – wayne Dyer

fitness , motivations, positive thinking,

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change -Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Wayne Dyer. It's such an awesome reminder that we create our reality.  If we choose to see the world around us in a negative manner we will receive negativity. If we choose to see the world in a positive manner we will receive (...)

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How to stay fit when you travel

tips on staying fit you when travel
Hey ya’ll!  Happy Fitness Friday!  I am on a plane right now heading to Maui to shoot and wedding home for a few weeks then to Paris fashion week. I have been on a plane every week for the past 5 weeks!  Wowzer. This is a crucial time for me to stay loyal to my Health plan. Its been a little almost 2 years since I lost around 20 lbs.  and I am determined to stay on the healthy path that I am on. SO I have 3 tips that I want to share with you for staying fit while you travel Plus a Tone it up Hotel room workout. These tips are things that I am learning along the way and have been helping me stay on course. #1 Pack healthy foods for your flight :  (more…)
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Sunstone Villa dreamy photoshoot

Sunstone villa, Alyssa Campanella, Torrance coombs, reign tv show, jana williams photography, most beautiful wedding venues in southern California
I have always said if I had a wedding I would have it at Sunstone Villa. This venue is like a dream.  It transports you to Florence Italy and makes you feel so feminine and fancy.  I was thrilled when Alyssa Campanella asked me to join her on this shoot. Alyssa married Torance Coombs at Sunstone back in April.  We also shot a Behind the scence video of this shoot a where I will be sharing my exact equiptment and setting s for these photos.  Take a look around this beautiful Villa and start planning yout trip to Sunstone . Stay inspired! Jana Model Alyssa Campanella  Edited my  Lightroom preset (more…)
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