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Hey ya'll!  Happy Fitness Friday!  I am on a plane right now leaving Colorado heading to New York and then Miami & ya'll know I just got back from Paris. Wowzer. This is a crucial time for me to stay loyal to my Health plan. Its been a little almost a year since I lost around 20 lbs.  and I am determined to stay on the healthy path that I am on. SO I have 3 tips that I want to share with you for staying fit while you travel Plus a Tone it up Hotel room workout. These tips are things that I am learning along the way and have been helping me stay on course. #1 Pack healthy foods for your flight :  There was a time that I would always order wine on the flight so I could sleep. Well those days are long over. No wine for me on the flight I have awesome reading material and healthy snacks to ensure I don't eat any sugary snacks on the plane or depart the plane starving and desperate.  Here are a few snacks that I have been brining on the plane. Luna bars, Peanut butter, humus, bananas , rice crackers. So with the peanut butter the jar has to be unopened or you can only bring the 3 ounces, out you can bring several containers of 3 ounces, same with the humus. Also drink a ton of water on the plane.  Flying is dehydrating and can make you feel tired and hungry. So what if you have to get up to go potty several times its good to move your legs:) #2 Pack appropriate workout gear : Before flying to Colorado I read it was 92 degrees. I was like Okay its gonna be HOT! I did not pack a sweat shirt for any warn workout gear for my trip. Dang it. It was freezing on my early morning jogs so I ended up buying a sweatshirt.  The weather could have easily made me want to skip my cardio so I encourage you to be prepared for cold mornings wherever you are going.  Also The booty band I just ordered from amazon takes up no room in my bag and is awesome for hotel room workouts:) Here is a great hotel room workout from Tone it up!   #3 Book a hotel with a gym or heated pool If you are anything like me and you're traveling for work from city to city you might just go on and book a room a few hours before hand because you never know where you are gonna be.  For instance last night I finished my shoot up in  Estes Park about 2 hours from Denver. My flight was early leaving for NYC. I could have stayed in Estes Park or Denver.  I opted for Denver. My priority in booing the hotel was that there was a gym.  I knew I had to wake up super early to get a workout in before heading to the airport. Yes the hotel was a little expensive but when you think about it, the price of 3 glasses of wine would make the difference. I skipping the wine these days and splurging on the gym amenities! Ha! And as always I just want to add that working out should be a mind , body, soul experience. We work out because it makes us feel good and personally I perform better at life. It's not all about a certain weight or a certain look. It's all about a certain feeling and relationship you have with yourself. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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