How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone!

I love taking photos with my iPhone and today I am sharing some tips on how I edit my iPhone pics.

It's funny I get so touched when I am hiking Runyon Canyon or driving Mulholland Drive and see so many people taking selfies to asking other to take their picture.

It's like they are so moved by what they are seeing they never want to forget it. They are (...)

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Wedding Wednesday Jamison & Blake

Details Details Planner- invitingocations floral, venue ranch valencia-photo jana williams photography- colorful wedding-fun weding photos-timeless classic romantic wedding photos
Happy Wedding Wednesday! Jamison and Blake had a beautiful wedding planned by Alicia from Details Details. This was my first time working at Rancho Valencia and working with the florist Inviting occasions and I loved both! The venue had this beautiful hidden village feeling to it and the florist , well she nailed it. I mean nailed it! Check out the rest of the post to see lots of gorgeous details! A few of my favorite photos are Jamison with her nephew ( red headed little fella) and candids of Jamison and her Grandmother. Her Grandmother was tearing up the dance floor it was a super fun wedding and I am honored I was there to capture it. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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I Heart Mondays is all about this girl!

I heart mondays, fashion photography, jamie chung, what the ching, jana williams, jana williams photography, hollywood fashion photographer, laca museum,
 Happy I Heart Mondays y'all! I am just obsessed with Jamie Chung's style I get inspired every time we shoot.  She has this effortless cool chic thing going on and I totally dig it. On top of all that she has an amazing eye. Jamie suggested we shoot this look at LACMA.  When you think of the LACMA you think of the lamppost see here also here is a shoot from a while back I did with one of my favorite people on the planet Chriselle Lim at Lacma. Jamie wanted to do something different,  I LOVE that! Look at the full gallery to see the really cool space we used that is full of lines! Always looking for lines. Stair cases, palm tress, amazing ceilings.  I have said it so many times and I will say it again, I learn something new every single time I pick up my camera. I encourage you to shoot as often as possible and try something new every time:) Your feedback means more to me then you know I am so open to hearing your comments the photos. Seriously one of the ways I learn is posting a gallery on my Facebook page and seeing what photos in the gallery get the most likes. It's an awesome way for me to get feedback so THANK YOU! OH and the super cool fun fact is that Jamie is getting married this month and I am shooting the wedding!!!!! OMG!!! seriously could not be more excited! Stay Inspired ! Jana Photos edited with my preset available here (more…)
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Fitness Friday Why I am loving yoga

Fitness Friday, benifits of yoga, fitness blogger, jana williams, jana williams photography, carbon 38 , great sports bra for yoga
Happy Fitness Friday y'all!  Fitness has become such a big part of my schedule and lately my schedule has been packed! I love to incorporate meditation into my day just as much as my workouts and healthy eating. Yoga has been an awesome way to workout my mind and body at the same time.  Personally I like to go super early in the morning right after my coffee. I go to hot yoga and I am it is a sweaty experience:) I have also tried yoga sculpt. WOW what an insane workout. Its yoga with weights yes! Honestly I am more of a high endurance workout gal ( Barry's Bootcamp) but I know that Yoga is great for my mind and also stretching out of muscles that get really tight during Barry's.  One quick note too is that I always wear a victoria secret double wear bra when I am running or doing Barry's but for yoga I love these cool fashionable bra from Carbon 38.  I hope you have a healthy happy weekend. Love yourself Love each other! Stay Inspired! Jana Photos by Ashley Streff (more…)
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Wedding Wednesday Palm Springs inspiration shoot

palm springs wedding, firefly events, clair pettibone dress, fire beauty makeup
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Fitness Friday Staying fit while Traveling

Fitness Friday Staying fit while Traveling, healthy living, staying active whith the family, activities that burn calories, jana williams photography, jana williams, janafromalabama, fitness bogger, hollywood ca fitness blogger
Happy Fitness Friday y'all!  Dave and I recently took a trip to Big Sur. Its gorgeous! We shoot some beautiful video and I will totally post it as soon as we can edit it so you can see more of the California coast in all its glory:) I just want to take a moment to reflect the last time we went to Big Sur, about a year and a half ago. I remember I was very excited about eating at Big Sur bakery because I read the cookies were amazing, I had a few restaurants picked out in Carmel that wanted to try, so basically I was planning out getaway around food and wine. This time we went to Big Sur I did not look up one restaurant. I researched about the best places for a massage, best hikes, local activities , and I packed healthy snack options for us. Our trip ended up looking like this. Day one we wake up have a coffee, and go one this beautiful 5 mile hike, as we are enjoying driving down the coast we stopped when ever we wanted to take in the view, we are singing to the top of our lungs, and just feeling free. Then Dave had his Fantasy football draft so we stopped at a beautiful mom and pop spot with a great view. On the 2nd day we woke in Morrow Bay, We took a long walk around the city then decided to rent a Kayak. Kayak is good excercise! We paddled around for about an hour and decided to park it so we could go on a small hike up the hill.  We discover the most beautiful beach and it's just us on it. Ummm. IT Was insane. We were inspired to make out haha! As we walk back to our Kayak we discover that it is gone. Yup our Kayak floated away and we were stranded on an island for about 3 hours until we got reduced by the water police. Moral of this story is that we are taking away some of the most amazing memories from this trip. The hikes, the views, the kayak getting lost, that deserted beach we made out on (YES!) I don't even remember that much about the places that we ate. It simply wasn't a priority. We were more interested in doing stuff and seeing stuff. Remember when you were a kid and your parents would have to make you come inside to eat.  How you were so much more involved with that sand castle you were building or watching the sun melt into the ocean. That is kinda what this trip felt like, and it was good. So I encourage you to plan/focus more on your activities when you travel instead of the places with the beast clam chowder or red wine. I also encourage you to find a really pretty place to make out with the one you love.. Happy Fitness Friday! Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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I Heart Mondays DIY Detox foot Soak

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Happy I Heart Mondays y'all! Today I am sharing this DIY foot detox I read about on Wellness Moma.  This has been a year full of lessons for me. I am going into my 4th year as a full time photographer and Jana Williams Photography has been my baby for these past few years. I have spent countless hours in front of my computer and working working working. I (...)

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Ken Paves You are Beautiful

Komono gold watch, ken paves hair styleist, leica camera. Bruce weber, Bollare pr, julia roberts, curly hair, film shooter, jana williams photography, jana williams, janafromalabama, beauty blogger,

   Ken Paves is so cool! He encourages woman to embrace the natural texture of our hair. Personally my hair is curly and for years I have been trying to make it straight. I know my hair would be so much healthier if I just let it be at least sometimes:) Ken sells this product online and at several department stores including Walmart.  So accesible and cool. His message is that (...)

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Tips on giving your photo a pinky tone


Hey Ya'll I hope everyone is having an awesome, positive and productive week! I am up so early today so I can fit in everything I need to do from the gym to shooting a few youtube videos to editing and finally a quick street style shoot whewww! Its that season. Instead of looking at this list as stressings I'm looking at each thin ton my to do list (...)

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Fitness Friday : A Powerful Thought for you

fitness friday-healthy living-positive thinking-affrimation, inspiration, change your life,, jana williamsphotography, nuke, fitness blogger, cute workout clothes

Happy Fitness Friday y'all!

If you watch my Youtube channel you have seen me talk about this book I love called "This thing called you" I am reading it right now and was so inspired by this affirmation in the book on page 49 I had to share it with you.  Here it is

                                                          "It is the law of my life wherever I go I shall meet

                                                 with joy, with (...)

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