3 Short & Sweet photo tips on Street Style Photography

One of my passions is sharing photo tips. I am a firm believer that you get what you give.  Sharing photo tips keeps me inspired and excited to keep learning and growing as an artist.  SO today I am sharing 3 short and sweet photo tips for street style photography. This black and white wall is located in west Hollywood outside of Craigs Resturant. Devon & I love this wall and this cute coffee shop across the street Verve. These are 2 cute locations to shoot in West Hollywood :)  I have a BTS video with my quick tips at the bottom of the post. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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BTS from my lifestyle shoot with Devon Rachel


Hey yall! Come along on my lifestyle shoot with Blogger Devon Rachel. In this video you can see everything that goes into building content and a few tips on how I direct my clients, help keep the day flowing, and make them feel comfortable.

Let me know how you like this video.  Do you like the BTS ? I would LOVE to hear exactly what you guys wanna see!


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Tips on product photography!


Hey yall! I love product photography and today I am sharing a few great tips to make your product shots look amazing ( press play for tutorial ) for pintrest, instagram, or your etsy business :) I would love for you to share any tips you have as well! Do you love product shots as much as I do?

Stay Inspired!

Jana (...)

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How I prepare for a photoshoot

Heading out for a shoot and just taking a sec to share how I prepare for a photoshoot. I'm talking about preparing physically and spiritually! I would love to hear how you guys prepare for your shoots!
Thumbs up if you liked this video:) I want build content that you want to see!



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iPhone Photo tip Video: Best light for iPhone pics!

Hey y'all! In this video I give a few simple tips on what is the best light for iPhone pics ! Totally inspired by my sister Joyce who is always sending me pics of my niece and nephews that are to dark!!  She is getting better but I think she needs some private lessons! ha!

Thank you Christene Chang for being my model! Love you girl!

Anyway I hope to (...)

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How to use Snap chat

Hey Guys! If you are anything like me you are a little confused with snap chat.  So I got educated on it and have the basics of snapchat all right here for you in this video!


If you know any tips or tricks you wanna share please put them in the comments I would love to learn from you!

Stay Inspired !

Jana (...)

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Tips on photographing products


Hey y'all!
In this video I give tips on taking the best pictures of your products.
These are great tips for anyone who sells on easy, wedding photographers, bloggers, or just people who live for taking pretty little pictures!
Stay Inspired!

Speaking of blogger here is a video I shot with Devon Rachael with tips on natural light and details https://youtu.be/ivS7Wvy3O5U

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Have you ever tried lens on your iPhone?

https://youtu.be/1fDYCaso6Gg Hey y'all! I recently purchased the Olloclip its a 3 in 1 set of lens for the iPhone. Its a macro , fisheye, and wide angle. In this video (more…)
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How I edit great iPhone pics with these apps

Tips on how to edit your iPhone pics for Instagram!


I consider taking pictures with your iPhone an art :)
Please follow me on Instagram to see daily pics! @janawilliamsphotos_

Also, check out this video for editing iPhone pics in VSCO app!



As Always Stay Inspired!!!
Jana (...)

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Tips on what to wear for your engagement session

Hey y'all ! In this video I give tips on what to wear to your engagement session! (more…)
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