Tell the story

Don’t be afraid, get close enough to tell a story.



One tip that can help ya’ll capture the best photographs, is to capture the story it tells.

If something compels you to take a picture, make sure that you capture what you love.

Jana Williams Photography

Jana Williams Photography

This is just one of the many ways that you can improve your photography!

Whether you’re shooting a street style and the let’s say the jacket catches your eye. Tell that story and capture your perspective.

Planning your shots ahead of time and doing your research about the possible story elements you can capture before  your shoot is also a helpful tip!


And as always, Stay Inspired!


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  1. Love your work, love your heart and love this blog. Have not been doing this for very long and need inspiration especially in how to attract the right clients. You probably have so many of these messages to look at so I am trusting God that this will come across your path in due time and season. I am a guy so hope this qualifies me to be in your female empowering world. Keep up the good work.

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