Ali + Max’s Modern Palm Springs Wedding

This winter Palm Springs wedding at The Parker was the perfect example of the beauty that happens when you combine modern with a vintage inspiration. When I first met Ali and Max I knew there was something special about them! Ali is the co-founder of Style Lab, your on demand stylist and personal shopper. She has a chic modern style and the calm nature about her you would expect from a beach girl. Max is a businessman by day but surfing is his true passion.

Wedding planner, Robin with Ro & Co Event, worked with Ali and Max to create the wedding of their dreams! To combine Ali’s chic style with Max’s passion for surfing, I absolutely loved how they used surfboards as decorations. (They even had one for guests to sign and leave notes of love and advise!) The surfboards were balanced well with Ali’s attention to detail of the floral design. (It was so important for Ali to showcase her artistic side for their wedding!) Between the flowers and surfboards it was the perfect mix of feminine and masculine! The hints of gold gold details alongside a subtle palm tree green and pinks brought the beach to the desert.

What I really found so special about Ali and Max is how deeply their family and friends love them. It was important to have each of their closest friends and siblings to be a part of their wedding party. This was by far the largest wedding party I have photographed but it was so so inspiring to see the love everyone shared with each other! Ali has four brothers and it’s easy to see the special bond they have for each other. It warmed my heart to look over during the ceremony and see each one of them in tears as their sister married the man of her dreams.  (Fellow wedding photographers, these are the moments to capture.  You’re couple will cherish them forever!) Honestly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire place just to show how much this couple meant to each person there. Ali and Max’s families are so connected with each other; it really touched my heart having the opportunity to work with them.

The entire night of Ali and Max’s wedding I felt the love this modern day couple shares with each other. I still can’t get over how well each beautiful detail was executed! I wish these two nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness!








    1. Oh lord. Was supposed to say “oh my goodness” not “Amy”. That’s what you get when you don’t reread a comment before you post it. 😳 Oi vey. Sorry Jana! Promise I know your name!

  1. These are such amazing photos! The brothers crying just melted my heart. In the next lifetime, I’d love to have older brothers.

    Beautiful work!

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