Let your obstacles show you the way

   Growing up in Alabama I had a childhood that was full of struggles.  Those struggles INSPIRED me to move to New York when I was 18 years old.  When I lived in NYC I grew as an artist and as a person it was amazing and it was cold! One day there was 3 feet of snow on the ground and I decided I could not struggle with this cold weather anymore and was INSPIRED to move to LA.  While in LA I was going out on tons of acting auditions and booking here and there but did not have a steady acting job which meant I had to wait tables for many years.  I decided I was ready to throw myself into another creative profession because I was struggling with the feeling that I had more to offer and was INSPIRED to pick up a camera.

Today I am thankful for my struggles.  Without them each and everyone of them I would not be doing what I love today.  Some of these struggles I handled with dignity and pride and many of them I handled with tears and a complete victim identity.  As my life goes on I choose to see the struggles that are in front of me as signs and signals of what I should learn and where I should go.  I hope you will remind me and I promise I will remind you.



  1. thanks for sharing your story jana! you are such an inspiration. even though i only know you through your blog n fb posts…i can tell you’re an amazing person and photographer. hope to meet you some day! 🙂


Jana Williams

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