Little things that will change your life

I am a self-improvement junkie no doubt. I know that making small changes in our everyday routine can truly change our lives. For instance instead of watching TV before we go to bed if we visualize the life we want we are spoon feeding our mind to think positive before we rest and that is Powerful.  Check out what Dr. Wayne Dyer says on the subject Here.   To get (...)

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These are a few of my favorite things…

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I got myself an early Christmas present and it was on sale with free shipping! I cannot wait to use this chair for Boudior shoots! I love interior design and surrounding myself with things that inspire me.  Here is a link to this Ceets Zolo Swing Chair. (more…)
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Inspirationl Words

 You become what you think about all day long. Become the master of your thoughts.  Think your thoughts on purpose. Think greatness and you will become great. Think lack and more lack will reveal itself in your life.  Something I like to say to myself is " All that is good is coming to you" Its simple direct and exactly what I want.  Sending love to you guys!

Stay Inspired!


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3 Ways Exercise Makes us Happier!

Hollywood fitness blogged akan williams tips pn how excersise makes you happy

Exercise is not only good for burning calories and keeping our body healthy its good for our minds as well! Personally I have a completely different day if I don't get my workout in. Not to mention if I already know I am gonna be on the treadmill at 7 am the next day (...)

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Sharing something significant I learned from early career mistake

One of my favorite blogs Mydomain recently asked me a very significant question that got me thinking. The question was "What is a mistake you made early in your career that you learned from" While there were/are many mistakes that I have made and will continue to make in my personal life as well as my career there was one game changer for me that I want to share with (...)

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Honored to be among these women giving advise to other entrepreneurs

jana williams, jessica alba , my domaine, tips and advice on starting your own business

 I am humbled and honored to to among these women giving advise to other entrepreneurs. My Domaine is one of my favorite publications and when they reached out to me for this article I was so excited. Once I saw the article I was totally over the moon. My advice came straight from the heart, same as the other 10 women, Check out the full article here.

Thank you for (...)

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Wedding Inspiration for your weekend

Four seasons beverly hills wedding Jana Williams vera wang dress- tome ford suit luxury jewish wedding

Hey guys! I am off to shoot a wedding at in OC today but I know Saturday is a bog day to browse the internet for Wedding inso.

So in case you missed this Beautiful wedding here is the link for the full post it is such a stunning events with lots of amazing wedding inspiration.

Also follow along on snap chat JANAWPHTO  and instagram for more BTS of the (...)

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I Heart Mondays: Brilliant Bicycles

Brilliant Bicycles, blue bike, cute bike, fitness and health , healthy lifestyle, inspiration, jana williams photography, cute props for photoshoot, afordable bike,
Happy I Heart Mondays!! I'm super excited about this post today.  You know when you find one of those companies that is just so cool. Well Brilliant Bicyles is one of those companies.   I have been searching for a really cool bike to ride around Hollywood and also use on my photoshoots. I was looking for something light so I could easily carry it up the stairs, modern and minimalist design, a bike I could wear a dress or skirt on  workout clothes, and I found it!!! The Astor is my perfect ride.  In LA I ride around in my car so much I start to feel like I am in a bubble and I am somehow unconnected to whats happening on the outside. My recent trips to Europe is what truly inspired the bike search. I want to feel connected to the world around me on a daily basis. Not to mention the extra calories I'm burning while getting to where I am going. OH and cherry on top these bikes are affordable. Yeah around 300 which is a really great price for a quality steel frame bike.   I will be snap chatting the heck out of this haha! My snap chat is JanaWphoto  instagram is Here  Look for the #ridebrilliant Photos by Tim & CO Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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I heart Mondays: Morning Meditation

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Happy I heart Monday y'all!
Today I am sharing this really cool morning meditation I have been doing. Its only 10 min long and its such a great way to start the day. This year has been an awesome year business wise but also self care wise. We really do have to give self care in order to live life at our fullest potential. To live awake with eyes wide (...)

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The most Beautiful video you have to see on Gratitude

Happy Sunday you guys! I wanted to share this link with you. Louie Schwartzberg video on Gratitude. Its only 8 minutes long but I know you will be moved!

Stay Inspired!



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