5 Favorite Wedding Venues in Southern California

It’s almost the season! By that I mean wedding season! My summer weekends are mostly spent at various wedding venues in the Southern California area. Let me tell you, some of these places have really blown me away! Whether you’re newly engaged and planning your wedding or adding images to that secret Pinterest board you’ve been hiding from your man to be used later down the road I’m here to share with you my top 5 favorite wedding venues in Southern California!

Pelican Hill: Orange County

Pelican Hill is one venue you have seen pop up in my work on many occasions. What makes this venue so grand is the 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean! This venue has the capacity to hold larger weddings. Amongst the olive trees, rows of lavender and a gorgeous dome with an ocean view; I can’t think of anything more romantic!

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Malibu Rocky Oaks: Malibu

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu is the hidden gem know as Malibu Rocky Oaks. This is a family owned property so events held at this venue are pretty exclusive! Sitting at an elevation of 2000ft with a 360 degree view of the Santa Monica Mountains your breath will be taken away. Whether you want to have an elegant or rustic wedding, this Tuscan style home will suite your needs!


Saddlerock Ranch: Malibu

Also located in the Santa Monica Mountains lies a secluded rustic ranch popular location for weddings in Southern California. Saddlerock Ranch has four wedding and event locations on the property. Home to Malibu Wines you will have vast views of the vineyards and mountain ranges! One other fun detail about Saddlerock, they are home to an assortment of exotic animals! (Including giraffes, zebras, camel, and more!)

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Four Seasons: Beverly Hills

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills is the Four Seasons Hotel. Everything about this venue screams elegance and luxury! If you’ve been dreaming of a large and lavish wedding from the time you were a young girl, Four Seasons will be the venue for you. From the beautifully landscaped property, exchanging your vows in a lush garden and a rooftop with a view to die; those wedding dreams as a young child will come true!


Hotel Bel-Air: Beverly Hills

Hotel Bel-Air is an iconic venue for some of Hollywood’s most extravagant weddings and high profile events such as Grammy and Emmy after parties. Hotel Bel-Air is another venue to live out those lavish wedding dreams!  Located in a secluded neighborhood near Beverly Hills, this property provides grand spaces and gardens that will bloom all year long! Have you heard of the highly sought after Wolfgang Puck? Yeah! His kitchen will be helping create a culinary experience you won’t forget!



There you have it, my top 5 favorite wedding venues in Southern California!   Each venue has a quality that has blown me away and inspires me each time I have the opportunity to shoot there. Fellow wedding photographers; what are some of your favorite places you’ve photographed at? What made them special to you and your client?!

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