A few ways shooting fashion inspires me..

A few ways shooting street style keeps me inspired. check out this post from my shoot with Jamie Chung
One thing I love about shooting Jamie and other fashion during the week is that I get experiment and try new things. I try new lenses for example I was never a fan of the 24-70 until recently and I now see why people love this lens also (more…)
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Karena & Bobby’s Palm Springs Engagement Session

    I was beyond honored when Karena from Tone It Up asked me to be her wedding photographer! I had the pleasure of capturing Katrina & Brian's wedding a few years ago and now its full circle! Karena and Bobby are such a unique couple with a quirky, cute, fun vibe. (more…)

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iPhone Photo tip Video: Best light for iPhone pics!

Hey y'all! In this video I give a few simple tips on what is the best light for iPhone pics ! Totally inspired by my sister Joyce who is always sending me pics of my niece and nephews that are to dark!!  She is getting better but I think she needs some private lessons! ha!

Thank you Christene Chang for being my model! Love you girl!

Anyway I hope to (...)

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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy in the best Denim Ropmer plus BTS about the photos

 Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is a new friend and seriously one of the most favorite people I have ever met. She has an amazing story, she helps other people on a daily basis, & her style is amazing! I love this denim romper paired with this cool bandana and these round Tom's glasses. They are my next purchase:) I wanted to share a little BTS about the shoot for all my photographers out there. Also links to outfit are at the bottom of the post! (more…)
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Hey y'all in this video I share a personal story about how Chriselle changed my life by encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone.
My hope is that this message will inspire you to spread the love and build each other up!
Stay Inspired!

https://youtu.be/NcMdgf7iU_I (...)

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Your workout You work ethic how are they connected?

fitness inspiration janafromalabama.com
Happy Fitness Friday y'all! Today I have a simple message. You do one thing in your life like you do everything in your life. Showing up is half the battle. There are so many mornings I don't "feel" like working out but I dig deep and I show up.  This practice helps me in all other areas of my life.  Today I encourage you to show up and work it with the biggest muscle in your body, your heart.  I just want to repeat that you do one thing in your life like you do everything in your life. Going to the gym at 5am, going to therapy with your spouse, answering the phone to a family member that you just don't want to talk too.. All of these things aren't that fun right? But we have to do these things the same way we do the things we love to do in life and our life is lifted.  It's a practice. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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One simple photo tip that will make your pics more interesting!

photo tips, fashion blogger, denim.
Hey ya'll! do you see the little soft blur to eh left of this photo? If you look even closer you can see that I was using a flower petal in my left hand to cover up the black car that was in my shot! So the tip is when you are in a pinch like this or if you just want to create a more interesting photo put something in your foreground. Check out this video I shot I while ago explaining this tip in more detail.  Its an old video but its still a great tip! Stay Inspired Friends! Jana (more…)
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Ever wonder why couples cut the cake at weddings?

black, white, and gold wedding cake
    I have been shooting couples cut the cake for a solid 4 years now and I just learned where the cutting the wedding cake tradition comes from... (more…)
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How to use Snap chat

photo and social media tips

Hey Guys! If you are anything like me you are a little confused with snap chat.  So I got educated on it and have the basics of snapchat all right here for you in this video!


If you know any tips or tricks you wanna share please put them in the comments I would love to learn from you!

Stay Inspired !

Jana (...)

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Jamie Chung Home Tour

mid century modern interior design
 I loved seeing Jamie & Bryan's house get a little makeover right after the wedding. They are such a chic , cool, and grounded couple I was so happy that The Decorist really expressed that through the design work they did on the house. My favorite is probably the hanging wood pieces from West Elm I have all products linked at the bottom of the post:) I would love to hear what your favorite piece is? (more…)
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