5 tips on how to get a flat tummy fast!

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3 tips for a flat stomach:
  • Drink Water – Staying hydrated is not only important for your mental and physical performance, it’s also a great way to avoid overeating. We often confuse dehydration for hunger pangs. So, the next time you feel like snacking have a tall glass of water first, then see if you’re still hungry in 30 minutes. Don’t like the taste of plain water, add some freshly squeezed lemon. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and has been known to reduce bloating by acting as a mild, natural diuretic.
  • Up the Fiber Intake – Increasing your daily amount of fiber will help you flatten your belly without feeling like you’re starving yourself. Fiber rich fruits and veggies help you feel full without the extra calories.
  • Get your dairy fix Yogurt – Yogurt is chalk full of healthy bacteria that will help keep your digestive system healthy. Healthier digestive tract equals a happier and flatter belly. Dairy free? No problem. There are many delicious coconut, almond or soy based alternatives. You can find them at your local health foods grocery store
  • Stay Insoired!
  • Jana
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Announcing Paris Giftbag Giveaway!

Hey y'all!! I want to say Thank you to everyone who entered the Paris gift bag giveaway.  As I walked through the city last week I selected a few of my favorite things and made a personalized gift bag that I am sending to Lindsey Jones! Congrats Lindsey! I am emailing you know to get your mailing address . I enjoyed doing this so much that I am going to do another giveaway this week b/c I will be traveling to Colorado, NYC, and Miami so stay tuned for the details on how to enter that upcoming giveaway. (more…)
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Wedding Wednesday : Plaza Hotel Glam Wedding

Plaza hotel wedding nyc wedding jana williams photography, inbal dror, vera wang , sylvia weinstock, badgleymischka bd dress, planner emily reifel, new york wedding photographer, janafromalabama, hotel wedding , chic nyc plaza wedding
Happy Wedding Wednesday y'all! I had to repost this wedding because my most frequently asked question to date is "Where are those BM dresses from " This wedding is the definition of chic , classic, romantic, NEW YORK wedding. Annie my gorgeous bride was one of the first to wear Inbal Drior, her cake was made by the one and only Sylvia Weinstock, Chung wore Tom Ford, and these amazing Brides maids dresses are Badgley Mischka.  I love that Annie wore her hair up I wish more brides would show their gorgeous neck and shoulders, I also love that she went bling with her earrings so choose not to wear a necklace.  Her makeup was vey natural on the lips and she choose to go a little more dramatic with her lashes. Seriously I would not have changed a thing about her look it was PERFECTO!  I have shot so many weddings now I am starting to feel like a wedding fashion expert. But in the best way it comes from the heart.  I want all of my brides to look amazing and because I spend 80 percent of my time shooting then reviewing weddings I have gained so much knowledge about the smallest details and what a huge difference they can make.  This wedding will inspire anyone who wants that Chic, beautiful, timeless, ballroom, winter, wedding. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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Paris Photo Diary

Paris wedding photographer jana williams, paris wedding, my olivia nelson veil, Vanessa Creatrice de Mariages weddingplanner, nhakhanwedding dress, soft romaintic paris wedding photography, Wedding Wenesday, Jana williams photography- france- parker-zara--paris france photos
Hey y'all ! Here is a Paris Diary. It's a mix of photos with Cannon mark 111 and my iPhone. I think travel is such an amazing way to take you out of your day-to-day routine and into a dream state where your mind becomes open to new ideas and questions. When you see something that moves you and inspires you on your travels you will be forever changed. I have been to Paris about 4 times but I have never had so much time alone. Here are a 10 thing2 I learned about Paris on this trip that I didn't know. (more…)
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Fitness Friday! 3 tips for staying fit when your traveling

Fitness Friday-heathly while trvaleing-fitness blogger-paris fitness blogger-travel healthy-janawilliams-janawilliamsphotograohy-janafromalabama
Happy Fitness Friday y'all! I'm in Paris and I have to tell you I made a plan to stay on track while I was here and it is working! Here are 3 tips to stay on your fitness game while your traveling. (more…)
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Sneak Peek from Paris Wedding Shoot

Paris wedding photographer jana williams, paris wedding, my olivia nelson veil, Vanessa Creatrice de Mariages weddingplanner, nhakhanwedding dress, soft romaintic paris wedding photography, Wedding Wenesday, Jana williams photography
Hello from Paris!! I wanted to share a few images from yesterdays shoot! It was such a blast working with Vanessaetcaroline a wonderful Paris wedding planner. I am also so thankful for My Olivia Nelson for lending us this beautiful Veil! I will have a full post with full credits soon! I am off to meet up with Jenny from Margo and Me as we start the celebrations of her wedding weekend! So excited! Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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I Heart Monday: Paris Giveaway

I heart Monday-paris photography-travel photograohy-paris-paris wedding-paris wedding photographer-jana williams photography paris-
Happy I Heart Monday! Y'all I'm off to Paris to attend Jenny from Margo and Me's wedding and shot a beautiful Styled shoot in the city!! I leave bright and early tomorrow am. I am going to be instagraming and snap chatting (JanawPhoto)  like crazy because I am traveling solo so basically you guys will be my travel buddies and I am thankful for that.  I find so much inspiration from sharing what I think is beautiful so thank you.  Also I am doing a GIVEAWAY from Paris.  It's a Care package.  I am going to put together a few of my favorite things from the city and personally send it with love :) To enter the giveaway leave a comment below and subscribe for my email list ( when you do you receive 3 tips on how to look your best in a photo) Anyway enter the GIVEAWAY and good luck! The winner will be announced August 28th.  And I hope you follow along with me to Paris:) If you guys have any recommendations for cool art galleries or anything cool and different to do in Paris please leave it in the comments below.  Not interested in restaurants this trip more interested in unique activities :) Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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I Heart Monday: I'm off to Paris & Giveaway

I heart Monday-paris photography-travel photograohy-paris-paris wedding-paris wedding photographer-jana williams photography paris-
Happy I Heart Monday!!! Today is super cool because I am off to Paris! I get so inspired by traveling and people watching in other cities. Especially the city of love.  I am going to attend Jenny from Margo & Me's wedding! Its going to be DEVINE! make sure to follow my instagram for some love and inspiration from Paris.  The last time I was in Paris was with Chriselle for fashion week.  We woke up early one morning and I shot this little morning love story.  I love it. So romantic. Two cool things: I have a new IHEARTMONDAYS video on youtube here & I am doing a GIVEAWAY.  The giveaway is a package from Paris.  I am going to put together a few of my favorite things and send it to the winner. To enter just subscribe to my mailing list here.  The winner will be announced on August 28th! Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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Fitness Friday ; DYI cleansing shots

Fitness friday-fitness blogger-healthy juice-b12 vitamin injections-jana williams photography-janafromalabama-lululemon-hollywood ca vitamin injection, dyi cleansing shots
One of the ways I’m able to get through my busy days is by taking shots. No, not those kind of shots. Wellness shots. I first discovered them when I stopped by my local juice place, Open Source Organics and tried a flight of 5 wellness shots, each specifically crafted to help maintain blood sugar levels, aid in digestion, help fight inflammation and keep those nasty colds away. Let’s just say it was love at first flight. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to drop by open source every morning for my shots, so here is the 4-ingredient recipe for my go to morning shot, similar to the enliven shot (link to enliven shot): 2-tbsp organic apple cider vinegar 1-tsp cinnamon 1-tbsp raw honey Juice from half a lemon The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are endless but one of the main benefits is improved digestion. Taking a shot 15 minutes before you eat it will stimulate digestive juices for a better breakdown of your food. Cinnamon is a good source of calcium and fiber, honey helps boost metabolism, and lemon is a great immunity booster. Taking this shot first thing in the morning to feel great the rest of the day. Also I just upload a video on 3 moves that have tightened my backside this year they are quick and easy! HERE  Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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Anna & Derek Saddle Rock Ranch Malibu Ca Wedding

Saddlerock ranch malibu ca wedding, jana williams photograohy, gather events, teamhairandmakeup, galialahav wedding dress, beautiful , soft romantic wedding southerm california, outdorr wedding, janafromalabama
Anna & Derek said I do a few weeks ago surrounded around their closest friends and family in Malibu Ca at The Dome located at Saddle Rock Ranch. I knew Anna was going to be a dream bride from the start, she was sincerely so excited about the wedding and all the details that she wanted for her big day. Even after knowing Anna and how she is just pure joy. Her name is Anna joy :) When I started shooting the details of the wedding I was taken back at al lot the effort she put in and how lovely everything turned out. She together with Gather events planned a stunning wedding. The one thing that I cannot get over is that Anna dyed the table runners by hand. I mean wow. She wanted a specific color so she created it. LOVE THAT~ she actually hinted around that she may want to go into wedding planning so fingers crossed that she does. I also love that she rocked a very sexy Galia Lahav gown in the softest way ever. It was perfect. Team Hair and Makeup nailed the look as always. I especially love the pop of color on the lip it really has such a timeless look with the color scheme of this wedding. I hope you enjoy looking at this beautiful day as much as I enjoyed shooting it. Here is a little slideshow I made from the wedding as well :)   Stay Inspired Jana (more…)
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